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Are you currently represented by a national civil rights lawyer who is a former police officer? If not, you should be! Call Jacob Litigation, immediately!

There are few law firms that exclusively handle this type of complex litigation because few attorneys are willing to bring litigation against government officials or agencies. Mr. Jacob, not afraid of the challenge, has been recognized as being uniquely qualified to fill this marketplace need, and has done so very successfully. In July of 2015, Mr. Jacob was elected Chairman of the National Civil Rights Section of the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”).

Jacob Litigation is founded by Devon M. Jacob, who, since 2002, has successfully practiced law in the areas of civil rights, police brutality, malicious prosecution, and wrongful death. He routinely handles complex federal litigation involving serious injury or death with exposures in excess of $1 million. Mr. Jacob is distinctly qualified to serve his clients, having graduated from the police academy, served as a police officer, and having spent almost a decade defending law enforcement personnel, municipalities and cities, and the Commonwealth, in civil rights actions.  Unlike other attorneys in the industry, Mr. Jacob has extensive practical experience and brings law enforcement and insurance industry knowledge to the table.

During the past decade, Mr. Jacob has developed an extensive network of professionals who have worked with him and who are readily available to assist him when needed on cases. These professionals include private investigators; vocational experts and economists to calculate financial losses; forensic accountants; police and correctional policy and procedure experts, use of force experts, and ballistic experts; and audio and video experts. Jacob Litigation is able to offer this expert level of case development when appropriate to its clients.

Jacob Litigation is a full service litigation law firm that handles all aspects of civil litigation from start to finish. Jacob Litigation conducts the necessary due diligence prior to agreeing to represent a client in litigation. Jacob Litigation handles the filing of the Complaint, service of process, responses to motions to dismiss, propounding and responding in discovery, filing and responding to motions, and all aspects of any jury trial.

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