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Are you currently represented by a national civil rights lawyer who is a former police officer? If not, why not? Call Jacob Litigation, immediately.

Jacob Litigation is a civil rights law firm serving persons who have experienced police brutality, and the estates of persons who have been unlawfully killed by law enforcement personnel.  Jacob Litigation also represents persons who have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated. Jacob Litigation represents the estates of persons who have been unlawfully killed by others (i.e., cellmate) or themselves while in the care and supervision of law enforcement or correctional personnel. Finally, Jacob Litigation represents the victims of school shootings.

When selecting a civil rights attorney, be cautious of law firm website’s that tout “results,” and “experience,” or lawyers who claim to “be super,” or to have handled “complex cases.” Instead, insist that the lawyer provide you with a list of the civil rights cases that s/he has actually litigated. When you retain Jacob Litigation, you are retaining Attorney Devon M. Jacob who has extensive proven national civil rights experience.

If a loved one or you have experienced a violation of your Federal Constitutional rights, please contact Jacob Litigation at 717.796.7733 or at information@jacoblitigation.com.

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