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Are you currently represented by a national civil rights lawyer who is a former police officer? If not, you should be! Call Jacob Litigation, immediately!

Please contact Jacob Litigation using the following contact information.  Jacob Litigation is a national law firm that receives numerous requests daily for legal representation. Therefore, unless you are an established client who has been requested to do so, please do not send any documents for review. If requested to provide Jacob Litigation with documents, do not send original copies. Unless previously agreed, documents submitted for review will not be returned. Jacob Litigation does not accept COD mail or collect telephone calls.

P.O. Box 837
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-0837
Telephone: (717) 796-7733 or (855) 796-1983

General Inquiries:
Media Inquiries:

Attorney Jacob personally reviews each request for legal representation.  As such, if you write to or call Jacob Litigation, it is requested that you provide sufficient detail, so that Attorney Jacob will be able to understand the nature of your legal issue. If Attorney Jacob determines that he might be able to assist you with your legal matter, he will personally contact you. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of daily requests for legal representation, Attorney Jacob is simply unable to respond to each and every letter or telephone call.

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