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Elizabeth A. Hibble v. City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (Pennsylvania), a wrongful death case not yet in litigation, resulting from the April 13, 2023, death of her husband, Michael W. Brook, who drowned in the Susquehanna River, after a boat that he was in went over the Dock Street Dam. It is believed that the Dock Street Dam has claimed over 30 lives.
Penn Line 4-13-2023
ABC27 4-14-2023

Estate of Lisa L. Edwards v. City of Knoxville, Tennessee. (Tennessee), a federal civil rights case not yet in litigation resulting from the in custody death of Lisa Edwards.
WBIR 10News 3-10-2023
WATE ABC6 4-5-2023

Rebecca J. Payne, personally, and as the Personal Representative of the Estate of Noah Hunter Brittain, et al. v. Michael C. Davis, et al. (Arkansas), a federal civil rights case resulting from the June 23, 2021, fatal shooting of Hunter Brittain by former Lonoke Deputy Sheriff Michael Davis.
The Washington Post 7-1-2021
Arkansas Democrat Gazette 7-4-2021
Funeral Service 7-6-2021
CBS This Morning 7-7-2021

Gareth J. Hall, personally, and as the Administrator of the Estate of Christian Joseph Hall, et al. v. Charles S. Phelps, et al. (Pennsylvania), a federal civil rights case resulting from the December 30, 2020, fatal shooting of 19-year-old Christian Hall by Troopers employed by the Pennsylvania State Police.
ABC 16 3-31-2021
US News 3-31-2021

Chelsie Cierra Rubin and Cameron Daishaun January, personally, and as the Personal Representatives of the Estate of Pamela Turner v. Juan Pedro De La Cruz, et al. (Texas), a federal civil rights lawsuit resulting from the fatal shooting of Pamela Turner by City of Baytown Police Officer Juan Delacruz. Delacruz has since been indicted for Aggravated Assault by a Public Servant.
The Washington Post 9-17-2020
ABC News 9-17-2020
ABC13 4-8-2021

Monica Tennant, Administratrix Ad Prosequendum for The Estate of Micah Samuel Tennant-Dunmore, et al. v. Pleasantville Board of Education, et al. (New Jersey), a state court wrongful death case resulting from the November 15, 2019, fatal shooting of 10-year-old Micah Samuel Tennant, in front of his mother and sister, while he attended the Pleasantville High School/Camden High School football game.
WHYY 9-21-2021

April Pipkins, individually, and as the Personal Representative of the Estate of Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr. v. John Doe, et al. (Alabama), a federal civil rights case filed on behalf of the family of Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr., who was shot and killed in the Riverchase Galleria, on November 22, 2018, by a yet to be identified police officer who remains employed by the City of Hoover, Alabama. The police officer shot Bradford in the back three times, without warning, when Bradford exercised his Second Amendment right and drew his lawfully possessed handgun to confront a shooter.
Press Conference With Ben Crump and Devon Jacob 11-22-2019
6WBRC 11-22-2019
CNN 2-6-2019
CNN 11-27-2018
Time 11-25-2018

Tonee N. Jarrett, personally, and as the Administrator of the Estate of Arno Antonio Jarrett v. Jane Doe, et al. (Virginia), a civil rights case resulting from the murder of Arno Jarrett, while he was incarcerated in the Red Onion State Prison.
SWVA Today 2-24-2021

Tamala T. Jones, personally, and as the Administratrix of the Estate of Tramon Tyqueze Savage v. Logan K. Kulsea, et al. (Arkansas), a federal civil rights lawsuit resulting from the June 14, 2019, fatal shooting of Tramon Savage.
THV11 7-2-2019

Ahmed Baqer, et al. v. St. Tammany Parish Government, et al. (Louisiana), a federal civil rights lawsuit filed on behalf of present and former pretrial detainees who are/were incarcerated in the St. Tammany Parish Jail. Inmates were housed in inhumane prison conditions. They were placed in cramped holding cells that were 10 feet by 20 feet and filled with up to 24 people. They were denied access to basic hygiene, forced to sleep on filthy concrete floors, and not allowed space or time for any exercise. Some detainees were held in these conditions for 16 days.
Fox8 News 3-23-2020
Fox8 News 3-5-2020
Fox8 News 2-26-2019

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