In-Custody Death

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A death that occurs “in-custody,” refers to the death of a person while in the custody or supervision of police officers, correctional officers, or other government officials.  While many in-custody deaths result from natural or lawful causes, some in-custody deaths result from violations of civil rights.  These deaths are either intentionally caused, or are caused by the deliberately indifferent actions of law enforcement or correctional personnel.

The law does not require the government to keep everyone safe. However, the law does not permit law enforcement personnel to place people in greater danger (such as the passenger of a car who is forced to walk home and is killed after the driver is arrested) or to permit people in their custody to be killed by others (a prison cellmate) or themselves.  While in-custody death cases appear on their face to be easy personal injury cases, they are not.  These are difficult legal cases that require experienced legal counsel, like Attorney Jacob, to prosecute.

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