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Jacob_DevonDevon M. Jacob is a national civil rights attorney, who, since 2002, has been successfully litigating federal civil rights cases. In 2015, he was elected Chair of the national civil rights section of the American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA).  In 2016, he was selected by the National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Lawyer. You have likely already met Mr. Jacob while watching the evening news, as Mr. Jacob is frequently interviewed about his cases or current legal events.

Mr. Jacob’s primary practice is focused on police misconduct, including false arrest, excessive force, and police pursuits; in-custody death, including suicide, and inmate-on-inmate homicide; and malicious prosecution. Mr. Jacob routinely handles complex federal litigation, involving serious injury or death, with exposures in excess of $1 million.

Mr. Jacob is a former municipal police officer with an accredited police department. His emergency services experience spans more than 10 years, as a 911 operator, firefighter and police office. Mr. Jacob is a former deputy attorney general for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General. His law enforcement and litigation experience provide him with a unique perspective and have permitted him to successfully represent clients in civil rights litigation. Mr. Jacob believes that civil rights litigation is one of the best ways to ensure that law enforcement entities both implement and follow the highest standards in the industry.  Essentially, Mr. Jacob is supporting and helping to better the profession of law enforcement by holding it accountable to the people.

Less than two percent of federal cases proceed to trial and are decided by a jury.  However, Mr. Jacob has obtained federal jury trial experience.  Mr. Jacob is a certified federal mediator in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Similarly, Mr. Jacob has successfully represented numerous plaintiffs and defendants during mediation. Jacob Litigation is able to leverage Mr. Jacob’s extensive mediation experience, and law enforcement and insurance industry experience, to negotiate settlements that benefit its clients. At Jacob Litigation, cases either settle on its clients’ terms or are prosecuted to verdict.

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