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Cassaro v. Friedman, et al. (Illinois), a wrongful death case resulting from the death of Randall Bianchi, Ms. Cassaro’s 22-year old son, who was denied proper medical care, and whose life support was terminated without proper consent in violation of the IL Health Care Surrogate Act (HCSA).

Bletz, et al. v. Corrie (Pennsylvania), a federal civil rights case resulting from Trooper Corrie’s unlawful shooting and killing of the Bletz’s family dog, Ace, who was running away from him.

Fleckenstein, et al. v. Crawford, et al. (Pennsylvania), a federal civil rights case alleging that law enforcement and corrections personnel in York County, Pennsylvania, created a foreseeable opportunity for a domestic related murder to occur.

Flores v. Morris, et al. (Arizona), a federal civil rights case resulting from the murder of Lino Flores, while he was incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison Complex–Eyman. The Defendants acted with deliberate indifference to the safety of inmates, ignored standard operating procedures, and permitted a culture where inmates decided where they would be housed and their movements within the prison.  As a result, Lino was brutally beaten and stabbed to death by another inmate.

Larson v. Sanner, et al. (Minnesota), a federal civil rights case resulting from Larson’s wrongful arrest for the 2012 murder of Cold Spring Police Officer, Thomas Decker. Despite the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) announcing that overwhelming evidence definitely establishes that Eric Thomes killed Officer Decker, the Defendants refuse to clear Larson’s name.

Nealman v. Maben, et al. (Pennsylvania), a federal civil rights case resulting from the death of Benjamin Nealman, who was improperly supervised by the Defendants, and permitted to commit suicide, while incarcerated at the Mifflin County Correctional Facility.

Rascon, et al. v. Brookins (#9452), et al. (Arizona), a federal civil rights case involving Jorge E. Sanchez, who died at the hands of police officers employed by the City of Phoenix, Arizona. When the Defendant police officers killed Mr. Sanchez, he had not committed any serious crimes, had not hurt anyone, and did not present as a threat to anyone. The Defendant police officers unlawfully killed Mr. Sanchez by tasering him in the left chest for 53 of 59 seconds, while carotid choking him, and handcuffing and hogtying him.

Sharbaugh v. Beaudry, et al. (Florida), a federal civil rights case resulting from the murder of Ricky Martin, while he was incarcerated in the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution. Martin had previously complained about the actions of correctional officers.  Martin was 5 foot 10 inches, 135-140 pounds, and had less than two years left to serve on a six year sentence for burglary. Martin was placed in a cell with a 6 foot 4 inch, 210-260 pound, violent inmate, serving a life sentence, who raped and beat him, causing him to suffer fatal injuries, within 36 hours of his arrival.

Zimmerman v. Corbett, et al. (Pennsylvania), a federal civil rights case resulting from then Attorney General Corbett’s malicious prosecution of John R. Zimmerman.

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